Friday Package

Friday’s (term time only) 2pm-3pm

The Friday package is an opportunity for groups and individuals to come for a change of scenery and a chat, and for any activities that they might bring and organise themselves; tea, coffee, and cakes on sale. Refreshments available at 3 pm.

Anyone can take part in these sessions as no special skills or abilities are needed. So just come along and enjoy the activity and the company.

GOLDEN OLDIES are fun sing along sessions to the tunes of the 60s & 70s that leave you feeling better & happier.  Details at   The sessions are free although we do ask for and appreciate a small donation towards the costs. 2nd Friday of each month.

CRAFT ACTIVITIES are run by Tina Smith, and are a variety of simple and entertaining activities that will allow anyone to use a little imagination to produce something to take home. The workshops aim to keep minds and fingers active and engaged. We ask for a small donation of £2 per person. Most 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month.

CHAIR-BASED EXERCISE is run by Paddy Selway, and aims to get you that bit fitter & healthier  through gentle movement & exercise—anyone can take part & everyone will benefit.   The Chair-based Exercise sessions cost £2.50 per person. 4th Friday of each month.

GLOUCESTER STRINGS UKULELE ORCHESTRA play some classic tunes for you listen or sing along to.

(Please check the HCA calendar for the next date this activity is on)