Modern circle dance draws on the rich and diverse traditional dances of many countries, including the Balkans, Greece, Israel, Russia, and France. There is also a growing repertoire of new dances to classical music and contemporary songs.

Circle dances can be energetic and lively or gentle and reflective. The aim always is to experience the joy of dancing with others and to arrive at the end of the class feeling relaxed.

 Each dance is taught, there is no audience and everyone is welcome. So come on your own or with a friend (you do not need a partner) and join in. Circle dance is suitable for both men and women and new group members are welcome at any time.

We are currently dancing unjoined and socially distanced to minimise risk of Covid transmission. 

We lead an afternoon class (1.30pm – 3pm) for members of Gloucester Third Age Trust ( please see Gloucester and District u3a website for membership details)

For more information please telephone 01452 539937 or email

We look forward to sharing dances with you.

Anne and Keith.