Health and Safety Policy for Hucclecote Community Association

Part  1 – General Statement of Policy


This document is the Hucclecote Community Association (HCA ) Health and Safety (H&S) Policy for the Hucclecote Community Centre premises, including the grounds, access road, car park etc. located within the curtilage of the Hucclecote Community Centre (HCC). The HCC is part of the HCC/Hucclecote Library Building complex.


Our policy is to:

a) provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment, and systems of work for our Employees, Volunteers, HCA Trustees and Hirers

b) Keep the HCC and its equipment in safe condition for all its Users.

Note :– In this policy document, reference to the the word “Users” collectively means all HCC visitors and users, Volunteers, the Catering Licensee (LJ’s Café), and Hucclecote Social Club ( 2012) Ltd.

c)Provide such training and information as is necessary for Employees, Volunteers, HCA Trustees and Hirers and Users.


It is the intention of the HCA to comply with all H&S legislation and to act positively where it can reasonably do so, to prevent injury , ill health, or any danger arising from its activities and operations.


The HCA considers the promotion of the H&S of its Volunteers and Employees at work, the Catering Licensee, HCA Social Club (2012) Ltd. and those who use the HCC, including Contractors, who may work there, to be of great importance. The HCA recognises that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety, as does the operation and maintenance of the HCC building and equipment and safe systems of work. To this end, it will seek to encourage Employees, Volunteers, HCA Trustees Catering Licensee, Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd and Users to engage in the establishment and observance of safe working practices.


Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, Hirers and Users  will be expected to recognise that there will be a duty on them to comply with this policy, the practices set out by the HCA, with as applicable all safety requirements set out in the HCA Hiring Agreement, and with safety notices in and around the HCC, and to accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and others



Part 2 – Organisation and Safety


The HCA has overall responsibility for H&S at the HCC


The person (s) delegated by the HCA Trustees to have oversight on the implementation  of this policy is:-


  1. Name:- Bill Crowther

Telephone Number :- 01452 615175

Email Address :-


  1. Name :- Paul Finch

Telephone Number :- 01452 618153

Email address:-


It is the duty of all our Employees, Volunteers, Hirers and Users to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities, and to co-operate with the HCA Trustees in keeping the HCC  safe and healthy.


Should anyone using the HCC come across a fault, damage, or other situation within the HCC which might cause injury and cannot be safely rectified immediately, or where the HCC building or equipment is damaged or found defective, they should a place on it a warning notice saying that it is not to be used and inform immediately the HCA Administration Office and/or the person(s) above, so that the problem can be dealt with.


The following persons/function have responsibility for-


First Aid Box –  HCA Administration Office  

Reporting of Accidents –  HCA Administration Office

Maintaining the Accident Book  –  HCA Administration office

Fire precautions and checks    – Paul Finch

Training in hazardous substances and equipment – Paul Finch

Maintenance and safety of HCA equipment (including ladders, scaffold towers etc) – Derick Stokes

Risk assessment inspections   – Bill Crowther and Paul Finch

Information to Contractors – The Project Manager appointed by the HCA Trustees for each Contract. The name of the Project Manager will be held by the  HCA Administration Office   

Information to Hirers –  HCA Administration Office

Insurance  –   HCA Administration Office


The following Emergency Exits and escape routes are available:


The main entrance to the HCC

The emergency doors from the Lounge

The emergency doors at the side of the Hall

The emergency doors at the rear of the Hall


In the event of an emergency evacuation the primary evacuation assembly point is at the north side of the Hucclecote Library car park at the front of the HCC/Hucclecote Library Complex (by the bus shelter);  The secondary evacuation point is by the footpath where it enters at the near end of Jenner Close.

The main fuse box, distribution board is located in the Electricity cupboard just inside the main door; subsidiary boards are in the kitchen (above the door to the bar), in Room 3 (north-east corner), and in the cupboard at the north end of the Hall (just inside the door)

The gas boiler is located in the kitchen and gas main tap is located in Room 4

The mains water stop cock is located in the Gents toilet.


Part 3 – Arrangements and Procedures


3.1 Licences


The Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd holds the Premises Licence authorising the use at the HCC of the following regulated entertainment and licensable activities:


The sale of alcohol

Performance of plays,

The exhibition of films,

Indoor sporting events,

Boxing or wrestling entertainment,

The performance of live music,

The playing of recorded music,

The performance of dance

Late night refreshment


Note – Full details of the Premises Licence are shown on the HCA notice board located within the HCC


Whilst Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd holds the Premises Licence etc. for the Hucclecote Community Centre (HCC), the use of any part of the HCC, including activities covered by the Premises Licence, will always be subject to the requirements of this HCA H&S Policy Document.


3.2 Fire Precaution and Checks


A Fire Risk Assessment has been undertaken covering all of the HCC as per the attached Schedule (3 sheets) titled :-


“Hucclecote Community Association – Fire risk Assessment ”


The HCA Trustee with responsibility for checking the Fire Risk Assessment is:


Name  – Paul Finch

Telephone Number

Email Address –


Maintenance of fire extinguishers and the fire blanket is undertaken by:-


Marlow  Fire and Security limited, Mathew Elliot house, 64 Broadway, Salford Quays, Manchester M50 2TS. Tel no 0333 010 2000


This company undertakes an annual check of appliances. The service record is located in the HCA Administration Office.


Fire Extinguishers are provided in the Lounge, the Hall, and the Kitchen. A spare key to the electricity meter cupboard is kept in the kitchen. Fire Extinguishers should only be used in situations where the fire can be clearly contained, e.g. in a waste bin. NOTE- In any case always keep between the fire and the exit. If there is even the slightest doubt as to whether the fire can successfully be tackled by an extinguisher, do not try – evacuate the HCC immediately.


The Fire Alarm system has smoke detectors in the Hall, the Corridor, and the Electricity Meter cupboard, a heat detector in the kitchen, and push-glass points at all exits. The Fire Alarm is shared with the Hucclecote Library, and activation will cause the alarm to ring in both buildings.


3.3 Procedure in case of Accidents


The Accident Procedures are shown on the attached Schedule (1 sheet) titled:-


“Hucclecote Community Association – Accident Procedures”


The location of the nearest Accident Emergency Department is at Gloucester Royal Hospital


The nearest Doctors Surgery is the Hucclecote Surgery, Brookfield Road Hucclecote. It is located within 100 metres of the HCC and will provide help in emergencies at times when the surgery is open.  A list of any First Aiders qualified by the HCA will be kept in the HCA Administration Office and on the HCA Notice Boards, but it cannot be guaranteed that there will be a trained and qualified HCA First Aider at the HCC premises, and/or at any particular time.


The First Aid box is located in the Kitchen, and is available at all times when the HCC is open. The HCA Administration Office is responsible for the upkeep of the box and will inspect it monthly.  The use of any materials from the First Aid box is to be reported the HCA Administration Office so that it can be replenished.


All accidents to an Employee, Volunteer, Hirer or User (that includes visitors) must be reported to the HCA Administration Office and/or the HCA Trustee responsible who is Rob Barker Accident Report Books are kept in the HCA Administration Office, and the the First Aid Box. An accident report form in either book must be completed with full details. The completed form is then to be immediately detached from the Accident Book and filed in the HCA Administration Office. It must not be left in the Accident Report Book .


The Health & Safety Executive has to be informed of ANY case occurring at the HCC which results in (a) an accident in which anyone is killed or suffers a major injury as listed below (b) an accident connected with work that results in absence, or being unable to undertake normal work, for more than three days; and (c) something happening which does not result in a reportable injury but which clearly could have done so. Reports should be made under RIDDOR regulations by telephone on [08453 009923) or online at or for very serious incidents only, by telephone on 0345 300 9923. The Local Health and Safety Officer can be contacted by telephone at Gloucester City Council on 01452 396396.


The person responsible for completing the RIDDOR forms and reporting on accidents is Rob Barker


The following major injuries must be reported on the RIDDOR forms:-


  • Fracture other than to fingers, thumbs and toe
  • Amputation
  • Dislocation of shoulder, hip, knee, or spine.
  • Loss of sight (temporary or permanent)
  • Any penetrating injury to the eye (including chemical)
  • Injury from electric shock/burn leading to unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours
  • Any other injury leading to hypothermia, heat induced illness or unconsciousness requiring resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours
  • Unconsciousness caused by asphyxia or exposure or harmful substances or biological agent.
  • Acute illness requiring medical attention or loss of consciousness arising from absorption of any substances by inhalation, ingestion or through skin.
  • Acute illness requiring medical attention which may have resulted from a biological agent or its toxins or infected material


  1. Safety Rules


Risk assessment


A H&S Risk Assessment has been undertaken covering the HCC as per the attached schedule (3 sheets) titled :-


“Hucclecote Community Association – Health and Safety Risk Assessment .”


NOTE – The Hucclecote Social club (2012) Ltd is responsible for undertaking in accordance with the requirements of this Policy, the Risk Assessment for all parts of the HCC Bar Area where it has exclusive use and control.


All reasonable steps will be taken to minimise any risks identified. All Employees, Volunteers, Hirers Contractors and Users will also be expected to take all reasonable steps to comply with the Precautions listed in the H&S Risk Assessment that are applicable to them.


The Risk Assessment will be repeated annually and at all times when material alterations to the HCC and its uses occur.




The HCA Cleaning Contractor is responsible for the day-to-day cleanliness of the HCC,  in accordance with the agreed cleaning schedule. All Users however have a responsibility to contribute to the cleanliness of the HCC.


All Employees, Volunteers, Hirers and Users must give special attention at all times to the cleanliness of toilet areas and areas used for food preparation, e.g. the kitchen.


The refrigerator will be monitored by the HCA and/or the Catering Licensee to ensure that its temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees C., and the freezer below -18 degrees C. They will be cleaned regularly and defrosted whenever necessary.


Separate sets of cleaning equipment, cleaning cloths, etc., are kept for use in the kitchen, the toilets, and other areas, and all Employees, Volunteers, Hirers and Users must be meticulous in their separate use.


The HCC is responsible for maintaining the equipment it owns in a safe-to-use condition. However, all those (including all Employees, Contractors, Volunteers, Hirers and Users ) using ladders, steps, etc. whether owned by the HCC or not, are personally responsible for checking their safety before each use.


The Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd and the Catering Licensee are responsible for ensuring all their own equipment and portable items they keep at, and/or are permanently installed at the HCC, are kept in a safe-to- use condition at all times with current formal safety certification where required. All their applicable portable electrical  items are required to have a current PAT Certificate.


All Employees, Contractors and Volunteers should not normally carry out maintenance and repair work alone at the HCC, particularly if they are using ladders, scaffold towers, chemicals, or equipment which may present a danger. Where jobs are less risky  and working alone in the HCC is unavoidable, those involved must be especially aware of any risks in their work and must avoid situations (e.g. climbing steps to change light bulbs), that involve excessive risk and should be left until others are present. Lone working must also include for someone to call regularly to check they are safe.


All cleaning materials must be stored and used only in accordance with the instructions given on the containers and on the COSHH sheets. Copies of these are hung on the inside of the door of the cleaning cupboard. Those using these materials must familiarise themselves with these instructions.


Disposable gloves (provided by the HCA for HCA Employees and Volunteers) must be used at all times when dealing with body fluids or other hazardous materials. Gauntlets (provided by the HCA for HCA Employees and Volunteers) must be used when collecting rubbish, etc.


All Hirers using the kitchen facilities must provide their own cleaning cloths, washing-up liquids, and tea towels, and must ensure that the facilities are left thoroughly clean.


Employees, Volunteers, Hirers and Users must ensure that no waste food is left in the kitchen or elsewhere at the HCC, and that it and all other rubbish is disposed of in the waste bins provided by the HCA in the compound. The HCA Cleaning Contractor will empty and clean the kitchen waste bin daily.




All portable electrical appliances within the HCC and owned by the HCA are to be checked annually for safety by qualified electrical contractors.


All Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, Hirers and Users, using electrical equipment, owned by the HCA, must inspect regularly plugs and cables for loose connections and faults, and should report any defects immediately to the Hucclecote Administration Office. They should not attempt to rectify situations or repair faults themselves; electrical repairs must only be undertaken by a competent and approved person appointed by the HCA

Care must be taken when using extension leads, etc., to ensure that these are at all times kept clear of equipment and do not create a hazard to others using the HCC


  1. Hirers


All Hirers will have to comply with the requirements this HCA H&S Policy Document whilst in the HCC and as applicable, all the H&S requirements contained in the current issue of the HCA documents shown below:-


Hucclecote Community Centre – General Rules & Booking Conditions governing the the use of the Centre for regular hire.

Venue Hire for your party, social event or meeting.

Application Form for Venue Hire for occasional (one-off)  bookings

Hucclecote Community Centre Application form for regular bookings 2018

Hucclecote Community Association Conditions of use of Bouncy Castles and other Inflatables

Document titled “To all Hall Users – Hall Chairs”

Document titled “Hucclecote Community Association – Important – Please Note” covering the Use of Decorations, and Duties of Stewards


  1. Contractors


The HCA will check with all Contractors (including self employed personnel) before they start work that:-


The contract is clear and understood by both the Contractor and HCA

The Contractors are competent to carry out the work e.g. have appropriate qualifications, references and experience.

Contractors have adequate public liability insurance cover

Contractors have seen the health and safety file and are aware of any hazards which might arise (e.g. electricity or gas pipes)

Contractors do not work alone on ladders at height (if necessary an Employee or Volunteer should be present).

Contractors have their own health and safety policy for their staff.

The Contractor knows who from the HCA is responsible for overseeing their work is as specified and is to a satisfactory standard.

Any alterations or additions to the electrical installations or equipment must conform to the current regulations and code of practice if the Institute of Electrical Engineers.


  1. Insurance


The Company providing the HCA’s Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance cover is:-


Benntt Gould and Partners Limited, 18D Ley Court, Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RT

Tel. No. 01452 377660

Date of Renewal:- 16th  February Annually.

  1. Review of Health and Safety Policy

The next review is due on 1st March 2019


8.1  Address of organisations that can give advice on Health and Safety


The Local Health and Safety Inspector’s office is at the  Environmental Services Department, Gloucester City Council, Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester, GL 1 2EQ; telephone 01452 396396.


The local office of the Health and Safety Executive is at 2 Rivergate, Bristol, BS1 6EW Tel: 0345 300 9923


Such training as is necessary will from time to time be organised by the HCA Trustees.




FIRST AID BOX Kept in the Kitchen

(in lobby by back door) and available at all times when the HCC is open.

Please report to the HCA Administration Office the use of any materials from the First-Aid Box, so that it can be replenished.
ACCIDENT BOOK Available in the First Aid Box


For all accidents to an Employee, Volunteer Hirer Visitor or User, however trivial – a report must be entered in the Accident Book, and the completed form must be then be put in record file in the HCA Administration Office. The  HCA Administration Office and if applicable the  HCA Trustee responsible must be informed at the time of the accident .
APPOINTED PERSON HCA Administration Office and/ or HCA Trustee responsible To take charge of first-aid arrangements when necessary if at the HCC .  At other times a Group Leader or other responsible person should take charge.
FIRST AID HELP As Employee or HCA Trustee one is at the HCC more than part-time, it cannot be guaranteed that there will be a trained first-aider at the HCC   at any particular time. Possible sources of help:


1.   The Hucclecote Surgery is only 100 metres away

2.   Dial 999 for ambulance or paramedic help

SERIOUS INCIDENTS Have to be reported to the Health & Safety Executive on [08453 009923]  Must also be reported to the Administration Office (who will contact HSE in most cases) 1.   An accident resulting in death, major injury, or hospitalisation

2.   An accident connected with work that results in inability to work for                                           more than three days

3.   Something happening that did not result in a reportable injury but clearly could have done so

4.   Certain reportable diseases

HIRERS AND  USERS Are responsible for the safety of their Group members Group leaders should plan their first-aid procedures.
ALL INDIVIDUALS Are responsible for their own safety and that of others Should make themselves aware of these first-aid arrangements.
NOTE:  When summoning help – the Community Centre postcode is GL3 3RT




 In preparing a fire risk assessment for Hucclecote Community Centre (HCC) the principal objective has been the safety of users.  These range from toddlers to the elderly and disabled.

The HCC is in use seven days a week from 0800 to 2400, and occasionally until 0200 when social events are being held.

The assessment and resulting procedures are shown in tabulated form on the accompanying sheets.

The assessment and procedures will be reviewed annually, and at all times when material alterations to the premises, their facilities and uses, occur.



ROOM For social event For seated meeting For standing event MAX PERMITTED
HALL 100 130 160 175
MOULDER ROOM 20 25 30 30
PULLON ROOM 20 25 30 30
LOUNGE / BAR 60 n/a 80 100
ROOM 4 n/a 8 12 15


THE FIRE ALARM SYSTEM is serviced at 6-monthly intervals Stroud Alarms, and tested at least monthly.

THE EMERGENCY LIGHTING is tested monthly by the HCA Handyman and annually by Timelight Services Ltd.




ELECTRICS All HCA Employees, Volunteers Hirers & Users, and especially:

(a)  Parents & Toddlers

(b)  Young children

(c)  Elderly people

(d)  Disabled people

1.  Wiring and fixed electrical installations checked every 5 years by a thorough Electrical Inspection by an authorised electrical contractor.

2.  Portable appliances checked annually by a qualified electrician.

3.  Hirers not permitted to use their own unchecked equipment.

4.  Appliances and lights switched off when not in use.

SMOKING 1.  Not allowed by law within the building or in porchways.

2.  Smoking debris bins available in designated outside smoking areas

CLEANING CHEMICALS 1.  Minimum amounts kept on site.

2.  Stored in locked cupboards away from sources of heat.

SOFT FURNISHINGS 1.  Curtains and upholstery treated with fire resistant material.
GAS HEATERS 1. No Gas Heaters on Premises
KITCHEN COOKERS 1.  Fire blanket available.

2.  Checked that they are switched off before the building is vacated.

STORAGE 1.  Nothing other than furniture and fittings stored in accessible rooms.

2.  All stationery and other combustible material stored in locked rooms.

3.  Exit routes kept clear of obstruction.

REFUSE 1.  All waste cleared to bins daily.

2.  Rubbish bins stored in locked compound.

CO2  CYLINDERS 1.  Securely stored in locked cellar

2.  Changing of cylinders only by individuals with appropriate training/experience



FIRE ALARM There are smoke detectors in:

1.  The Hall

2.  The Corridor

3.  The Electricity Meter Cupb’d

Heat detector in the Kitchen.

Push-glass points at all exits.

In the event of finding a fire:

1.  Evacuate the building immediately.

2.  Activate the alarm via the push-glass point on leaving.

3.  If it is safe to do so, check that no-one is in the toilets.

4.  Assemble at the Assembly Point (see below).

5.  Make an emergency 999 call as soon as possible.


1.  The Hall

2.  The Lounge

3.  The Kitchen

Fire Blanket also in the Kitchen

Only use extinguishers in situations where the fire can be clearly contained, e.g. a waste bin, and only if you have been trained and feel competent to do so.  Always keep between the fire and the exit.

If in any doubt, do not try – evacuate the building immediately.

The fire extinguishers and blanket are checked annually and maintained by the company shown in the HCA H&S Policy Document. The extinguishers and emergency lights are checked monthly by HCA staff.

FIRE ESCAPE ROUTES 1.  The Main Entrance

2.  Emergency doors

(a)  from the Lounge

(b)  at the side of the Hall

(c)  at the back of the Hall

All meeting rooms have immediate and alternative exit routes

Use the nearest exit.

Do not use the back door from the Kitchen – it leads into a locked compound.

Keep escape routes clear of obstructions at all times.

ASSEMBLY POINTS Primary:  The far side of the front Library car park, near to  the bus stop in Hucclecote Road Secondary:  By the footpath at the near end of Jenner Close Always use the Primary Assembly Point unless it is unsafe to reach it from the exit you have used.

Do not obstruct access for fire appliances.

Do not leave the assembly point until you have been checked and recorded by your Group Leader or a member of the HCA staff.

USER GROUPS Are responsible for the safety of their group members Group leaders must ensure that all their group members are familiar with these procedures.
LIBRARY Their alarm system is linked to the HCC Fire Alarm system Fire Alarm will sound in both premises.
ALL INDIVIDUALS Are responsible for their own safety and that of others Must be vigilant with fire risks and make themselves aware of fire procedures and exit routes.



(Note – Reference to Employees means all those employed directly by the HCA and Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd.)          


SLIPS, TRIPS, FALLS Employees, Volunteers, Hirers and Users, and especially the very young, the elderly, & those with disabilities 1.  Maintain all surfaces as even as possible

2.  Good lighting in car park, on approaches, & throughout building

3.  No storage or obstructions in the HCC entrance, rooms or corridors

4.  Adequate movement space maintained around furniture

5.  Crawling children or children playing on the floor to be kept to defined       areas away from the elderly or less agile

6.  Any spills to be cleared immediately

7.  No trailing electrical leads or cables

8.  Carpets firmly secured

9.  Parking spaces for those with disabilities as close as possible to entrance

10.  When cleaning, use signs to warn of wet floors, etc.

11.  Concrete step outside Lounge emergency doors to be outlined in yellow paint

MOVEMENT / STORAGE OF FURNITURE Employees and Users 1.  Hirers to take responsibility for their own safety.

2.  Use trolleys provided to move Hall tables & chairs

3.  Furniture to be stored & stacked so that stacks will not collapse

4.  Furniture store to be checked to see that furniture is stacked safely

HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES Employees and Cleaning Company Employees 1.  Cleaning chemicals stored in locked cupboards –

2.  Cleaning Company responsible for safety of its own Employees

3.  Cleaning materials only to be used in accordance with instructions

4.  Gauntlets, disposable gloves, safety glasses available to those using cleaning materials

USE / STORAGE OF CO2 / CALOR GAS etc. Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd Volunteers and  Employees 1.  CO2 cylinders kept in locked cellar

2.  Calor gas stored in locked compound

3.  Changing of barrels/cylinders only by individuals with appropriate training/experience


ELECTRICITY Employees and Users 1.  Wiring/fixed installations checked by qualified electrician every 5 yrs

2.  Portable appliances tested by qualified electrician annually

3.  Hirers not permitted to use their own unchecked equipment

4.  Faults/damaged installations to be isolated immediately and appropriate steps taken to keep people away from them;  qualified electrician to be brought in to repair as soon as practical

5.  Extension leads only to be used in controlled situations and to be taped down where appropriate

6  Plug sockets to be fitted with covers

GAS Catering Licensee, all Employees and Users 1.  All appliances serviced by a qualified engineer annually

2.  Cooker gas taps to be checked frequently (at least daily) to avoid accidental operation

FURNITURE Employees and Users especially young children 1.  To be regularly inspected for defects, particularly broken springs, etc., and removal/repair to be undertaken as appropriate

2.  Tables with sharp corners (Moulder & Pullon Rooms) to be put to the side of the room for children’s activities;  at other times parents to be aware of this hazard

LADDERS & STEPS Employees and Volunteers 1.  Steps stored in locked cupboard;  ladders stored in locked compound

2.  Only to be used by competent people

3.  Any work above 3 metres high to be accompanied

KITCHEN Employees and Users, Catering Licensee,  especially the very young, the elderly, & those with disabilities 1,  Numbers using the kitchen at any one time to be kept to a minimum

2.  No children under 11 years to enter the kitchen

3.  At least two people to be available when moving/emptying urns

4.  Appropriate care to be taken in using boiling water

5.  Fridge/freezer to be cleaned, contents checked and temperatures checked regularly

6.  Food safety check is undertaken at the beginning of each day

7.  Waste food is put in bins and bins emptied at least daily

WATER Employees and Users 1.  Legionella surveys undertaken show very low risk as no water stored on premises

2.  Water in hot taps kept to max 60 degrees C

3.  Warning notices displayed of hot water

DOORS Young children 1.  Door stops fitted to sliding doors

2.  Fit hinge covers / finger protectors to internal doors

CHILD SAFETY Children 1.  Parents/guardians responsible for their own children

2.  Notices warning parents of outside hazards – vehicles, trees, stream

PROTECTION OF CHILDREN / VULNERABLE ADULTS Children / vulnerable adults 1.  It is HCA policy not to undertake any work with children or vulnerable adults without an appropriate parent / guardian / carer being present
FIRE Employees, Volunteers Contractors Hirers and Users 1.  See separate Fire Risk Assessment
WORKING ALONE All Employees and

Contract Cleaners

1. Keep outside doors locked

2. Keep a mobile phone to hand

3. Do not attempt any work at height or other work with risk

4. Wherever possible, those locking up at the end of the day should be accompanied

PHYSICAL / VERBAL ABUSE Employees 1.  Where possible avoid involvement

2.  Where possible keep a physical barrier between you and the offender

3.  Keep a telephone within reach to call for help

4.  If necessary lock yourself in office or behind bar.

5.  Those showing signs of being intoxicated must not be served with further alcohol

6.  Employees aware of banned individuals

7.  Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd. member of Pubwatch

BROKEN GLASS Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd Employees 1.  Employees should clear used glasses as often as possible

2.  Any breakages should be cleared up immediately, using appropriate safety precautions

DIRT & DEBRIS Employees and Users 1.  The HCC is cleaned by contract cleaners at the beginning of each day

2.  It is the responsibility of all Users and Employees to clear away and clean after their activities to ensure the safety and comfort of others

ASBESTOS Employees, Contractors and Users 1.  Asbestos survey no solid evidence and low risk of presence of asbestos

2.  Further specific surveys to be undertaken before any structural work undertaken

MANUAL HANDLING Employees and Users 1.  Trolleys available to move furniture

2.  Employees aware of appropriate lifting and carrying techniques

STRAINS & STRESSES Employees and Users 1.  Adjustable seating provided for office staff

2.  Employees aware of appropriate posture and positioning for use of computer screens

3.  Employees take regular breaks or change of activity to avoid prolonged sitting in one position, repetitive activity, or exposure to computer screens

4.  Hucclecote Social Club (2012) Ltd Employees and Volunteers provided with stools or chairs

REFUSE Employees and Users 1.  Kitchen bins emptied daily

2.  Outside accessible bins & cigarette bins emptied twice-weekly

3.  Glass bottle and cans placed in recycling bins

4.  All refuse cleared from site by contractors weekly

BOUNCY CASTLES & OTHER INFLATABLES Hirers 1.  Only allowed on documentary evidence of appropriate insurance

2.  Printed conditions of use, supervision, numbers, etc., provided for hirers.

HCA Events All Users 1. Each event subject to its own specific risk assessment