The Hucclecote Community Centre is the perfect venue for any special event.


DJOur resident disco, both for adult and for children’s parties, is run by DJ Rossy, who will cater for a wide variety of tastes. When booking your event please ask the Office to put you in touch with DJ Rossy, who will be pleased to discuss with you your requirements and his charges and availability.

You may (of course) hire in another disco or other entertainment for your function if you wish. If you hire in your own disco, please note that smoke machines may not be used—they set off the fire alarm (even candles on cakes have been known to do this, so please be careful). Please see Hire a Room for Hall booking details.

Children’s Parties

balloons colourWe welcome young children’s parties in the Hall as long as they are properly supervised.

You may of course organise entertainment for yourself, if required (subject to availability) for under 5s, a soft play party can be arranged with Gemma Booth who runs Hucclecote PlayWorld for us.  Please contact the office to be put in touch with Nicky or Clare if you are interested in either of these.

You may hire in a bouncy castle for use in the Hall, provided that it is from a reputable firm that has its own insurance. There is a separate leaflet about inflatables and you have to sign and submit a form to guarantee to us that this insurance requirement has been met. Please see Hire a Room for Hall booking details.

Parties for Young People

We do not normally accept bookings for parties principally for teenagers. There are special conditions for evening parties for young people. Please contact the office for details.

Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions, discos etc for members are welcome at the Community Centre and we will do all that we can to ensure a happy and successful day. The normal charges and booking conditions apply. Please discuss details with the Office. Please bear in mind that the bar has to remain open to other members during the normal opening hours. Please see Hire a Room for Hall booking details.



Our catering operation in the Centre, LJ’s Café, is run by Lisa Rust of LJ Catering.  If you wish to hire a caterer, contact Lisa (the office will put you in touch) to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.  You may of course undertake your own catering or hire in another outside caterer if you so wish.


For party bookings, you are asked to appoint adult Stewards. The function of the Stewards is generally to oversee your event to ensure that all goes smoothly both for your guests and for other members who are using the Centre at the same time. They will need to liaise with the Bar staff and others responsible for the Centre, to be on the door as your guests arrive to admit them to the building. Also to ensure that your guests keep to the booking conditions, that your event does not interfere with other members’ use of the Centre and that there is no unreasonable cleaning to be done after the event

For room hire details and prices, please see Hire a Room.

For more information about holding your event at the HCA contact us.  

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